Exclusive Dutch black (red) tea 2.0

€14,00 / 50g

Bright Black, soft leaves, bud, fresh and hand-picked. Summer harvest 2021.

A unique tea, both warming and refreshing, thanks in part to the fresh sea breeze carried on its flavour.

Dry leaf

The dry tea consists of long (>5 cm), very dark brown flagella, lined with light brown tips and some stalks.

The fragrance of the dry leaf is deep, peaty, reminiscent of a broadleaf forest after the autumn rain.


The transparent infusion is a clear, coppery orange.

The bouquet is rich, peaty with hints of berries and seaweed. 

The taste is soft, creamy-umami with notes of seaweed and a wry lining. After a few infusions, a chocolaty aftertaste appears.

Brewing method

Brew the tea with near-boiling water (98°С) in a porcelain gaiwan or in a teapot of porous clay. The proportion is 5-6 g per 100 ml. The first infusion should take 7-10 seconds; after this, do flash-infusions of about 2-3 seconds each. For later infusions, increase the infusion time if necessary. You can repeat infusing up to approximately 6-7 times, while the tea remains tasteful.