Matcha Premium grade

€19,50 / 50g
  • Origin: Yame (Fukuoka prefecture)
  • Harvest: 1st
  • Cultivar: blend (Yabukita / Saemidori / Okumidori)
  • Tasting notes: (koicha) chocolate (usucha) well-balanced


How to prepare the matcha:

  • Put 2g (2 chashaku scoop) matcha powder into a tea bowl.
  • Pour 50 ml of hot water (70℃) over the powder and whisk it with a chasen.
  • When all the small lumps are mixed, add 40 ml of water more, continuing to whisk until high foam forms.
  • After the matcha is done, drink it immediately, because as it cools down it gets bitter.