Welcome to Moychay Barcelona Tea Culture Club, where you can fully experience authentic tea ceremonies and learn how to conduct them on your own. Our mission is to bring the rich traditions of Asian Tea Culture to Barcelona, Spain, and Europe!

Our Space

What is a tea culture club?

With an impressive 12 years of experience, a global network comprising 24 tea culture clubs, and a collection of over 250 teas sourced directly, we proudly possess one of the most extensive tea selections in Europe. What distinguishes us is our unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency in our direct relationships with tea producers.

We take pride in bypassing intermediaries and exclusively collaborating with the dedicated individuals who craft these exceptional teas. Consequently, every tea we offer maintains a direct link to its place of origin.

Our diverse tea collection encompasses 13 countries, including China, Japan, Russia, and the Netherlands, just to name a few. You'll also encounter a variety of unique herbal-berry blends that entice the taste buds.

Most importantly, at Moychay Barcelona Tea Culture Club, you can not only explore but also engage with all the teas featured on our website. It's a sensory journey where you can relish the aromas, appreciate the colors, and immerse yourself in the essence of our extraordinary tea offerings firsthand.


Our teaware collection (Gong Fu Cha teaware)

In addition to our exceptional tea offerings, we take great pride in presenting an extensive collection of teaware, showcasing over 1000 distinctive items. From meticulously handcrafted cups and teapots to elegant gaiwans, we provide everything essential for your Gong Fu Cha ceremony, including endearing tea pets!

Our teaware selection caters to a wide range of preferences and budgets. Whether you're in search of affordable cups starting at just 65 cents or are drawn to antique masterpieces that surpass a thousand euros, our inventory caters to the needs of every tea enthusiast.

Moreover, our tea club serves as an art gallery, inviting you to immerse yourself for hours in the pure delight of enjoying these diverse and captivating works of art.



Authentic Chinese Tea Ceremonies

Embark on an extraordinary journey and step into a world where tea, teaware, and culture come together in our captivating Tea Ceremony rooms. Explore distinct chambers we have, each radiating its own unique charm and atmosphere: Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and so more.

Immerse yourself in the tea realm by booking one of these enchanting rooms for a Tea Tasting (Ping Cha) or a Tea Ceremony (Gong Fu Cha). Whether you're seeking a moment of solitary tea contemplation or a delightful gathering with friends, these rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 9 guests.

During a Ping Cha session, you'll delve into Chinese tea culture and master the art of brewing these exquisite teas. Alongside a Tea Guide, you'll select a tea of your preference to savor over the course of 1.5 hours, with approximately 30 minutes of expert guidance.

In the midst of the Gong Fu Cha ceremony, our Senior Tea Guide will accompany you for about 1.5 hours, providing you with a profound immersion into Chinese tea culture and enveloping you in the serene ambiance of tea and its surrounding elements.



Personal attention & recommendation 

Our Tea Guides are here to enrich your experience, answer any inquiries you might have, and provide suggestions regarding our tea and teawares, all of which are available for purchase, allowing you to enjoy delightful tea at home.

Additionally, we offer a cozy Oriental-style lounge where you can leisurely share a cup of tea with friends or indulge in a beverage from our tea bar. At the tea bar, we expertly craft delectable Matchaccinos and other artisanal drinks using our exclusive, directly sourced Matcha.

Our team eagerly anticipates your visit, whether it's online or in person. Keep in mind that you can reserve a tea ceremony through our website, but our tea bar and store are open for complimentary visits, and our Tea Guides are always ready to provide personalized recommendations.


Contact us:

Kirill Demerdzhi | Owner of Moychay Barcelona | k@moychay.barcelona

Nate Chen | Operations Manager | nate@moychay.barcelona