Gyokuro Moychay

€23,00 / 50g
  • Origin: Yame (Fukuoka prefecture)
  • Harvest: 1st ; Cultivar: blend (Yabukita / Tsuyuhikari)
  • Tasting notes: (nose) open, consistent (taste) umami, once of nori (Japanese seaweed)

Gyokuro, originating from Yame in Fukuoka prefecture, is a first harvest tea known for its unique blend of Yabukita and Tsuyuhikari cultivars. This tea is celebrated for its aromatic profile, which is open and consistent, leading to a tasting experience marked by a profound umami flavor and a distinctive hint of nori, Japanese seaweed. This combination makes Gyokuro a distinguished choice for those seeking a deep and enriching tea experience.

Classic Japanese brewing method is to put the tea in a teapot at the rate of 2 g per 100 ml, add hot water (70°C), and after 45-60 seconds pour the tea into cups. You can steep the tea up to three times. The time of the second steeping is 15 seconds; for the third steeping it is 30 seconds.

Gyokuro is an excellent choice to recharge with cheerfulness and optimism. We especially recommend it to those who like juicy and bright taste, without astringency and bitterness.